Urban Planning

Urban areas are changing fast and the systems inside is growing complex. This makes policy and decision making a perplex phenomena. It has a direct implication for the need to improve our information sources, diversity and quality. As it is only when we know we act effectively.

If planning means forward thinking, Geospatial plat forms provide a beyond-mind and comprehensive solutions. It gives a plat form for linking the past with the present and predicts the future. Its robust capabilities in spatial analysis help to understand many components together and help make informed decisions. In Urban Planning Geospatial information systems have a great deal of applications from site reconnaissance to final data base creation.
To mention some of the strong application areas of GIS/RS; Urban sprawl, Fringe area development, Agglomeration, connectivity, mater plan preparation and upgrading, 3D mapping, development plans, site selections, impact assessment, change analysis, and many others.

In infrastructure information system also the technology help us capture a lot of surface and sub-surface installations in a systematic, interactive and geo coded ways. The complex installation of sewerage, drainage, telecom and power cables can be mapped and retrieved when we want them.

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