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Who Are We

Raster Geospatial Consultants is a private company established to provide professional consultancy services in the areas of Earth Observation (EO) and Geo- information, Enterprise database, big data and analytics. We are also specialists in providing professional short term capacity building services on all application areas.

Raster has been in the market since 2006 and delivered over 25 projects to different UN, non-governmental, inter-governmental, governmental and the private institutions [See consultants experience section].

The professionalism and long years of services delivered by our company guarantee the quality of the services we deliver to our clients at national, regional and international arena. In the years of our services provided to our clients, we are successful to achieve a profound impact and respect from our partners. It means for us an additional motivation towards standard geospatial services. We have been in the market in the areas of data analytics, research,
Geoinformation, and capacity development on various areas.

Our Vision

To bring innovation and inspiration to organizational work and promote

the use of technology for knowledge based decision making.

Our Mission

  • To emerge as a leading and promising consultancy office in the area of research, training and applications through provision of international standard services and
    win loyalty of clients and the public at large.
  • To emerge as a center of excellence in action research integrating state of the art approaches and tools.
  • To be source of practical knowledge and skill for objective, farsighted and
    information based decision and policy formulation that helps to realize the
    development goals of organizations and the country at large.
  • To be agents of technology and know-how transfer among governmental, non- governmental and the private sector in geospatial
    data use, management and analysis of spatial data for decision making.

Why GIS?

Provides an objective premises for informed spatial decision & policy making 

Highly cost effective way for handling projects with even superior accuracy 

Save you much time by Avoiding tedious and lengthy field works 

Produce national & international standard project data 

Provide option for multi criteria analysis that is not possible by manual desk study

Give broader understanding of the project site with the aid of satellite images of different spatial and temporal resolution 

Easy way for spatial data handling, management, analysis and Mapping 

Provide good environment for modeling and simulation of natural phenomena 

Automated Database Management systems integrated in it 

Optimal technology for Geo-information Management 

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