Sat.Image Processing

Change Detection

Air and space borne Images are becoming the soul sources of spatial data. We can trace back changes occurring on any parts of the globe sine 1972. Changes may occur due to many factors and it may be a point of interest for us to analyze the patters of this change or we may be interested to quantify the change or work some scenario analysis or else. Remote sensing and GIS provides complete alternatives to do all that.

By making use of Images we can produce meaning full layers and make some comparative analysis. Due to changing vegetation cover how was crop productivity affected? Or make your own.

Some of The Eloquent application areas may include
  • Land use/land cover changes
  • Vegetation condition assessment
  • Flood season analysis
  • Urban expansion and change
  • Pattern analysis
  • Change vs. phenomena
  • Change vs. Impact
  • Disease outbreak
  • Degradation
  • Pattern analysis
  • Ecosystem monitoring
  • Lake and river conditions
  • and others

Contact us now to discuss your ideas, we put it on the globe and make it information.

Bale Mountains national park

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