GIS and Remote sensing Applications in Agriculture

Agriculture input data can be categorized as land, crop, livestock and productivity. By making use of space born images GIS has eloquent capabilities to make valuable information

Land related assessments can be carried out in the GIS plat form. These can include:

  • Site investigation in terms of soil type and fertility , geological make up, climate, agro ecology and many others
  • Suitability Analysis of land for certain crops
  • Land use/land cover changes over the last 40 or more years

Crop: crop production regions, pattern, yield assessment and mapping are possible using satellite images and GIS. The analysis can be custom made to address your purposes. You may be interested in just calculating certain crops in one district or cropping patterns for disaster prevention purposes. We have data on production regions for Ethiopia and Length of growing periods (LGP) for Africa. 
Livestock: We have data on livestock population and density at a woreda level. We have data on primary and net productivity for fodder purposes. We have also spatial data on fodder species distribution. 
Productivity: This can be the result of many factors and it is possible to come up with productivity estimation using multi criteria analysis. 
Irrigation: in this regard geospatial tools and data can help from site selection to performance analysis of irrigation sites. 

We can make use of the data on greenness index on 10 days interval for any of your spatial pattern analysis on Agricultural

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