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We define training as a way of upgrading KSA and keeping pace with the fast changing technology. In light of this we see that all professionals working on spatial data needs to keep updating their skills, methods and knowledge in the recent tools and techniques in the geospatial realm.

We believe that the gap in lack of professional staffs can be bridged by giving Professional, Up-to-date, proper and continuous trainings. In the fast growing and changing technologies upgrading is a must in order to deliver proper services. For government offices where the work burden is always high proper training and upgrading is a must and we have many options for that. We have senior professionals in the field of geo-information and geodesy to give practical and hands on training for your staffs.

To this end we provide the following courses

  • Introduction to GIS using ArcGIS
  • Advanced GIS using ArcGIS
  • Basic Remote Sensing using ERDAS /ENVI
  • Advanced Remote Sensing/Image processing

Customized courses on Application of GIS and remote sensing in:

  • Urban Planning/Cadastre/LIS
  • Environmental Monitoring and mapping
  • Land use/Land cover mapping
  • Hydrology/modeling, watershed delineation etc…
  • Topographic Surveying from DEM
  • Spatial data extraction and analysis
  • GPS usage and mapping
  • Multi Criteria Analysis (Accessibility/Vulnerability/site selection…etc)
  • Geospatial research design and data analysis
  • Socio-economic data mapping(poverty, health, Literacy, facility etc distribution Mapping and density analysis)
  • And many more

We Promise to bring unique experience on your geospatial data creation, processing, Management and visualization.

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