Geospatial Consaltants Pvt. Co.
Raster Geospatial consultants provide a wide Range of IT Service. The most important types of services provided are the following

Software Development

  • Customized Database Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Standalone Software Development

Website Design and Development

  • Website Design and Content Organization
  • Website Development

Training and Capacity Building

  • Database Design and Adminsitration (MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle)
  • Application Development Training (Java,C#, PHP)
  • Web Mapping(Javascript APIS, ArcGIS Server, GeoServer)

Consultancy/Advisory Services

ICT Situation Analysis Study

Why GIS?
Reasons why you should use Geospatial technology in your Project

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Professional Consultancy Services on - Geoinformation - Environment - Climate Change & Capacity Development on the various GIS Applications --------THINK SPATIAL!