Geospatial Consaltants Pvt. Co.


GCPC is a dynamic company working in various areas of research, data provision, geo- information services and training. Of the many applications of Geo-information the following are only some presented here under:

  • Satellite Image based Spatial Planning & Mapping
  • Environmental Monitoring, Impact assessment and Land cover Mapping
  • Cadastral Mapping and Land information systems/LIS/ advisory
  • Base Map preparation from satellite images
  • Natural Resource Inventory & Mapping
  • Remote sensing solutions for different applications
  • High resolution Data for infrastructure design and Mapping
  • Telecommunication and Electrical power cables and consumption Mapping
  • High resolution Topographic Surveying (contours, slope, GCP, route maps)
  • Socio-economic Surveying & Mapping
  • Hydrology to watershed scale Analysis
  • Hazard and vulnerability Mapping
  • Accessibility Index Analysis (to water, market, health, school & other facilities)
  • GIS and Remote sensing data provision/Any/
  • Pattern Analysis (Crime, Traffic, ..etc)
  • GPS works
  • and many others.

We believe in shared benefits for reciprocated development. We are open for partnerships and sub contracting any part of your project.

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Professional Consultancy Services on - Geoinformation - Environment - Climate Change & Capacity Development on the various GIS Applications --------THINK SPATIAL!