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About Us

Raster Geospatial Consultants is a private company established to provide professional consultancy services in the areas of Geo-Information. The consultancy services our company renders rages from research to spatial data collection/extraction, database management and analysis, GPS works, satellite image based planning, information synthesis and mapping. We also provide satellite Images for any year starting 1972/3. The company has well versed professionals in the field of geospatial consultancy and capacity building.

The company has a vision of promoting the use of Geo information data for combating ill informed planning and poverty in Ethiopia and Africa in general. We believe that the cause of prolonged problems is lack of information and communication technologies. The deep rooted problems in the crowded urban and fragmented rural areas of the developing world need a comprehensive approach and use of modern technologies. As

"It is only when we know we act!"

We have strong belief on shared benefits for reciprocated development with our clients. We are keen in hard work driven growth where reliability is always at the hub. The company is very ambitious and welcomes all sorts of partnerships with local and international companies.

The solid experiences we have in the science and the realm always puts us at the apex of our confidence to handle assignments related to geospatial consultancy and training.

Our work values! Mutuality, Respect and Reliability (MRR)

Who are our clients?

Geospatial consultants Pvt. Co works with all professionals and firms where Geo- information can eloquently contribute to work efficiency. To mention few; Environmental groups, Urban and regional planners, Topographic/ Road designers, Investors, Agricultural experts, Natural resource planners, investors, Policy makers, service providers, ecosystem and ecology professionals, health workers, geologists, hydrologists, service providers, socio-economists who may be interested in spatial and temporal distributions, variations and interactions and intra relationship of events and many others.

We are open for partnerships and ready to work with you as Consultant, spatial data provider, Joint Venture/partner/, short and long term advisor, Trainer for your staffs on tailored Geo-information applications.

Vision and Mission

  • Make GIS and remote Sensing Key tool in almost every sector of Planning.
  • To emerge leading and promising consultants in the area of Geo- information and all Application Areas.
  • Provide international standard services and win loyalty of clients and the public at large.
  • To emerge as a center of Excellence in action research integrating GIS and remote sensing as a Tool and technique.
  • To be source of practical knowledge and skill for objective, farsighted and spatial information based decision and policy formulation that helps to realize the development goals of organizations and the country at large.
  • To have strong presence in the local and international markets in the fields of services that we are engaged in.
  • To be agents of technology and know-how transfer among governmental, non-governmental and the private sector in geospatial data management and analysis and use of these data for decision making.
Why GIS?
Reasons why you should use Geospatial technology in your Project

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Professional Consultancy Services on - Geoinformation - Environment - Climate Change & Capacity Development on the various GIS Applications --------THINK SPATIAL!